Maintenance at Balsam Mountain Preserve

Last week as I was walking a trail with some good friends and hiking companions we came across a fallen tree. We climbed over it then I called Member Services just to let me know that there was a tree down.


We continued on our walk to the Boarding house for lunch and by the time we returned we found Matt already there with a crew. They had cut through the large hickory and had made the trail passable. This is just one of the remarkable services that benefit the community at Balsam Mountain Preserve. We do pay yearly for security and road/ trail service but you can appreciate why when you have smiling responsive maintenance people. I am so happy to call Balsam Mountain Preserve home!




About Balsam Mountain Preserve

Balsam Mountain Preserve: the lowest density community in Western North Carolina. Offering a very unique concept rarely found in today's homogenized, digitized world - a true sense of place. It is truly a blessing to wake each day and hear only the birds chirping or water rushing in a creek. The quiet is something that brings peace to life and allows the spirit to soar. Call Barbara Matzick, GRI, ABR, to learn more @ 828-713-5238
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