Balsam Mountain Preserve-it’s all in the details

When you view properties at Balsam Mountain Preserve or any mountain community do you imagine what you will create when you design your own home? Well let me try and tell you some of the features that we implimented into the design of our home at Balsam Mountain Preserve. This special mountain community is in western North Carolina and has the unique feature of having over 3000 acres preserved into a conservation easement. With this amount of space you may feel like George Vanderbilt when he enjoyed walking across the acres he accumulated at Biltmore estate.


The treads of this staircase were actually an old bridge at Balsam Mountain Preserve. My husband and co-creater of our home retrieved this oak before it was to be carted off to a land fill. At a young age, Scott was fortunate to have been a carpenters assistant when he was younger. He understood wood and the beauty that was hidden under years of dirt. It was hard for me to see the beauty and in the end it was reminded me of the story of  “Beauty & the Beast”.


He insisted we not use the traditional staircase design on our plans and instructed a carpenter to build our staircase. Then he thought a different wood should be used on the handrails. So, he went into the woods and retrieved locust which he skinned to created this beautiful natural staircase. He also had the wood used on the tops of our guest cabinets to further show off this beautiful oak.


This is just one step in the planning of our custom home. If you wish to design your own custom home we can certainly share the many sources with you. Since we have lived at Balsam Mountain Preserve for the last six years we have access to very quailified builders and architects that we can share. Let your creative juices out and begin your home by purchasing your land now! Take the first step to beginning your building process in the New Year.


About Balsam Mountain Preserve

Balsam Mountain Preserve: the lowest density community in Western North Carolina. Offering a very unique concept rarely found in today's homogenized, digitized world - a true sense of place. It is truly a blessing to wake each day and hear only the birds chirping or water rushing in a creek. The quiet is something that brings peace to life and allows the spirit to soar. Call Barbara Matzick, GRI, ABR, to learn more @ 828-713-5238
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